The Cemetery Basilica is located 250 meters southwest of Porta Heraclea, at the Western Necropolis. It was discovered in 1917 by the German soldiers and after that excavated in 1924, 1936 and 1982.


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It has three aisles separated by colonnades. To the west there is a narthex with couple of other rooms attached to it. The floor of the central nave had a mosaic decoration dating from the first half of the 5th century AD.


About 50 tombs were discovered inside and around the church. . Ten of them are built of tiles and covered with vaults. Their walls were covered with mortar and fresco decoration. The rest of the tombs are cists, constructed with sandstone slabs.


At the south side of the basilica there is a big, cross – vaulted chamber entered by steps. Inside the chamber there are three arcosolia.


The basilica was the burial place of the wealthy Christians from Stobi.

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