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The University of Austin and the National Museum in Veles began a large excavation project in the 70’s. The joint project was coordinated by James Wiseman and Ð. Mano – Zissi. The investigations continued in the previously revealed buildings but there also were new discoveries such are the Baptistery of the Episcopal Basilica, the Old Episcopal Basilica, the Building with Arches, Casa Romana and the Inner Defensive Wall. It is very significant that the Stobi Library was formed, a small museum was established and three volumes of Studies of Antiquities of Stobi were published. The excavations made possible the publication of the book "Roman and Hellenistic pottery from Stobi" by Virginia Anderson Stojanović as well as the books on the Theatre by Elizabeth Gebhard, the inscriptions at the Theatre by James Wiseman and the Western Cemetery by Al Weselowsky which will be published soon. 


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