The 80’s are marked by the excavations of the basilicas by Blaga Aleksova and the conservation of many buildings by Živoin Vinčić.


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In 1992 and 1995, the construction work on the highway E – 75 initiated salvage excavations of the Western Necropolis. The project was conducted by Museum of Macedonia and the National Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. 1501 graves were unearthed during this excavation and also the Extra Muros Basilica was discovered.


The Southwest segment of the defensive wall was conserved and restored in 2000 – 2002. The conservation was done by the National Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments with Zoran Georgiev as the director of the project.


In 2000, Eleonora Petrova began an USAID sponsored project for research of Pre – Roman Stobi.


In 2005, The National Conservation Centre did conservation on some of the walls in the Epsicopal Basilica, the Casino, Via Sacra, the Semicircular Court, the Civil Basilica, the Palace of Peristeria and the Theodosian palace.


The Museum of Macedonia, sponsored by CISS, excavated the “Building with Arches” in 2003 – 2008, with Mila Shurbanovska as director of the project. Since then the building is also known by the working name of “Roman Forum”.

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