The archaeological explorations in 2008 were sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and carried out by the Museum of Macedonia. Coordinator of the project was Silvana Blazhevska.


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9 archaeologists, 9 students and around 70 workers were included in the excavation activities at the area east of the Theater, towards the two defensive walls. During the work of three months, a segment of 50 meters of the Eastern (Inner) Defensive Wall was uncovered. The Wall is very impressive and it is well preserved to the height of 4.5 meters. It has two phases of construction. Marble blocks and seats with inscribed names of Stobi’s eminent people, were taken out from the Theatre and built in the fortification wall during the first phase. On top of the wall, there are mortar beddings for lines of tiles which are missing. They were removed immediately after the destruction of the wall and probably reused in later buildings. It is most likely that the Inner Wall was built at the end of the 4th century or the beginning of the 5th century due to barbarian attacks and constant floods by the Crna River. The layers of flooding are well documented with the excavations on the outside.


Strata from the 5th and 6th century were investigated inside the wall. The area was occupied by huts and poor houses which were built much later than the first construction phase of the defensive wall.


To the west, towards the Theatre, a building with two underground chambers was discovered. The architectural concept, the masonry of rectangular blocks and the marble decorative elements discovered all around it, point out that this building is some kind of temple with hypogeum. We don’t know yet to which deity the temple was devoted. In the 5th and the 6th century the walls from the poor houses were attached to the walls of the temple.


The inventory of this year excavations is represented by typical Late Antiquity sherds, 142 coins, fragments of glass vessels, various metal objects, architectural decorative elements and a female head of a marble sculpture discovered in one of the many dump pits.

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