Opening of the exhibition “Early Christian Wall Paintings from the Episcopal Basilica at Stobi”

May, 17 2012 | Ioannes Stobaeus


In occasion of the 20 – Years Monetary Independence and the International Museum Day, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia and the National Institution Stobi are organizing the exhibition “Early Christian Wall Paintings from the Episcopal Basilica in Stobi”. The opening is scheduled for Friday, 18th of May 2012.


The frescoes from the Old Episcopal Basilica at Stobi will be exposed in the gallery of NBRM. The oldest Christian wall paintings in the Republic of Macedonia were conserved 2010 and 2011, during the project financed by the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation.


At the grand opening the audience will be addressed by the governor of the National Bank, Dimitar Bogov, the United States Ambassador Paul Wohlers and the Minister of Culture, Elizabeta Kančeska – Milevska. Silvana Blaževska, Tonka Mitrova and Miško Tutkovski are the curators of the exhibition that will be opened for visits until the 18th of June.





Final phase of the project for conservation and restoration of the wall paintings from the Episcopal basilica (03.08.2011)


The oldest Christian frescoes (14.12.2010)


U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation


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