Beginning of the archaeological investigations at Stobi

April, 29 2013 | Ioannes Stobaeus


The excavation campaign in 2013 was started during the past week with the beginning of the capital project for systematic excavations financed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and directed by Silvana Blaževska from NI Stobi. This season, the focus is set on the Western Cemetery and the Theatre where excavations were conducted during the past seasons as well. The investigations of the graves near the Porta Heraclea will continue at the Western Cemetery while at the Theatre, the main goal is to reveal the eastern half of the central circular corridor and document the architectural features of this part of the building together with the history of its usage in different periods. Besides the excavations, the capital project includes the conservation of the mosaic floor from the Old Episcopal Basilica during the month of May.


The excavations of the theatre will be followed by the realization of the project for conservation of the eastern half of the auditorium (ima cavea) in June, financed by the Ministry of Culture from its Annual Program. The Program is also financing four other NI Stobi projects for conservation of pottery, metal, glass and decorative stone objects and inscriptions. The preparation of the conservation projects for the Semicircular Court and the mosaic floor from the Baptistery of the Episcopal Basilica are supported by the Program as well.


Two international workshops for conservation and documentation of Roman mosaics and pottery are scheduled for June, while the international field school of archaeology will be held in August. These projects are joint effort of NI Stobi and the Balkan Heritage Foundation.


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