Beginning of the New Excavation Campaign at Stobi

April, 14 2011 | Ioannes Stobaeus


The beginning of the new archaeological campaign at Stobi is marked by the excavations in the House of Peristeria. During April, the team of NI Stobi will excavate the older strata below the mosaic floor in the triclinium in order to reveal new information about the history of the House and the town. In May, the Western Necropolis will be the focus of the project. Interesting results are particularly expected on this location. In the following months there are two conservation projects planned. During the first project the mosaic from the House of Peristeria will be placed in its original position, while the second is conservation of the frescoes from the North Wall and the Baptistery of the Episcopal Basilica. The excavations and the conservation of the mosaic are part of the large scale excavation project financed by the Macedonian Government. The fresco conservation project is financed by the USA Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.



The Mosaic in the House of Peristeria,13.12.2010

The Oldest Christian Frescoes, 14.12.2010





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