2008 Pilot Activities for Education and Culture


Funded by the Italian Government and realized by IMG (International Management Group)


The office of the International Management Group in Skopje was founded in 2002.


In 2006 IMG was the coordinator of pilot activities in the sectors of education and culture. 2/3 from the 3.000.000 Euros of the Italian Government Fund were planned for culture projects and 1/3 for education projects.


 One of the leading projects, concerning culture, was assistance for the preservation and valorization of three archaeological sites in R. Macedonia (Scupi, Stobi and Heraclea Lyncestis).


As a part of the project, the following activities were undertaken at Stobi:


-          Placement of information panels in front of the presented buildings.

-          Night illumination of the site.

-          Renovation of the "barracks".

-          Reprint of the guidebook “Stobi” by Dr. Elenora Petrova.

-          Development of GIS for Stobi.


The development of GIS (Geographic Information System) was coordinated by Emanuele Brienza in several phases:


-          Designing a multimedia and alphanumeric database.

-          Drawing of the buildings and their positioning on the general map of Stobi.

-          Laser - scanner survey.

-          Combining the results of the previous three phases in a presentable product.


The results were combined with the ArcGIS software which allows easy access to all archaeological information about Stobi, including the multimedia and textual part of the database. The ArcGIS software offers many possibilities for data presentation, depending on the goal of the user.

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