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Archaeological and tourist valuation of Stobi – Roman Forum, sponsored by CISS – Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud

In December 2005, the Italian NGO CISS started to operate in Stobi through the support of the Museum of Macedonia in the excavations and research of the Building with Arches, which, during the activities, was renamed to Roman Forum.


 In the period between 2006 and 2008 the archaeological explorations continued to evolve through the project “Archaeological and tourist valuation of Stobi – Roman Forum”, sponsored by CISS. Director of the project was Osama Hamdan and the coordinator of the field activities was Mila Shurbanovska.


            The basic goals of the project were:


-          To reveal the unknown history of the Early Roman Stobi.

-          To determine the size, character and the function of the structure known as Roman Forum.

-          To reveal the chronology of the building.

-          To train local specialized staff to protect the resources of the  existing cultural heritage.

-          To preserve important archaeological remains through practical experience in restoration.

-          To raise public awareness and develop tourist attractions.


Most of the building was revealed during the project as well as the marble decoration on its walls.. The most attractive finds were the pieces of gilded sculptures. Beside the excavations there was a summer school for mosaic conservation. Both Macedonian and Palestinian students took part in the summer school.


In January 2006 a public promotion of the project was held in the Museum of Macedonia.  Later in July, the results of the first season were presented through a press conference and the brochure Forum Romanum Stobis.


Since 2009, a new publication with the results of the three seasons is being prepared.

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