2020 NI Stobi Projects

July, 02 2020


The 2020 program of the National Institution Stobi includes multiple projects, six of which directly concern the research and protection of movable and immovable cultural heritage, while the other activities envisage the preparation of projects and infrastructural interventions.


A total of 15 projects are funded by the Ministry of Culture, as part of the Annual Program for Public Interest in Culture for 2020. Four of the projects have been postponed due to the current crisis caused by the corona virus (Covid 19).


1. Protection of immovable cultural heritage:

- Conservation and restoration of the dislocated mosaics from the archaeological site Stobi - 1 120 000 MKD;

-  Maintenance of the archaeological site Stobi - 1 280 000 MKD;

- Archaeological research and preparation of the project proposal for conservation and restoration of the architectural remains of the Building with arches in Stobi - 200 000 MKD;

- Conservation, restoration, reconstruction and archaeological research of the Roman Theater in Stobi - 3 500 000 MKD;

- Conservation and restoration work on the Semicircular Court and the shops at Via Sacra in Stobi - 400 000 MKD;

- Preparation of a project proposal for conservation of the archaeological remains of the Roman gate and the segment of the southeast defensive wall, and archaeological research of the gate and the southeast segment of the complex of buildings around the temple of Isis - 1 500 000 MKD.


2. Museum activities and protection of intangible cultural heritage:

- Project for archaeological research of the western necropolis at Stobi - 250 000 MKD;

- Conservation research on glass objects from the collection of NI Stobi - 150 000 MKD;

- Educational guide for children "Stobi old town" - 100 000 MKD;

- Conservation research and preparation of a project proposal for protection of metal objects from the archaeological excavations at Stobi in the period between 2013 and 2018 - 75 000 MKD;

- Project for conservation of metal objects from the collection of NI Stobi - 75 000 MKD.


3. Investment maintenance, adaptation and procurement of equipment for the institution (postponed):

- Procurement and installation of video surveillance at the archaeological site Stobi - 900 000 MKD;

- Rehabilitation of the night illumination of the archaeological site Stobi - 3 870 000 MKD.


4. Literature and publishing, visual arts, architecture and design (postponed):

- "The Roman Theatre at Stobi: Study of the cavea 2009-2019"; Edition: Studies on the Antiquities of Stobi, Monograph Series, Book II, author: Goce Pavlovski - 180 000 MKD;

 - Exhibition of sculptures by Petar Hadzi-Boskov - 800 000 MKD.

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