Živa 2019 Award

October, 15 2019 | Ioannes Stobaeus


Between the 2nd and 5th of October, the director of NI Stobi, Spase Perovski, and the senior curator Goce Pavlovski, took part in the final stage of the “Živa 2019 Award” for best museum and best heritage site, awarded by the Forum of Slavic Countries (FSC). The award ceremony was held at Bar, Montenegro, where the nominated museums and site had their final presentations. Also, every nominee had its own stand for promotional materials.  The archaeological site Stobi was the only representative from the Republic of N. Macedonia. In 2018, a promotional video was made as part of the nomination of the site, and during March, Stobi was visited by а jury for the award.


In the competition of 25 candidates, the winner of the award for best Slavic museum is the State Museum of Political History from Sankt Petersburg, and the winner of the award for best heritage site in a Slavic country is the war memorial Brest Hero Fortress from Belarus. The nomination of Stobi was a great opportunity for establishment of connections with different museums from the Slavic countries and exchange of ideas for improvement of the presentation and the general work of the institution. The conclusion is that our country should invest serious financial resources and devote greater attention for improvement of our museums and sites in order to follow the contemporary trends of museum presentation and innovation.


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