Beginning of the project for conservation of the theatre at Stobi

October, 16 2013 | Ioannes Stobaeus


During the past week, NI Stobi started the Project for conservation, restoration and reconstruction of the eastern half of the auditorium of theatre, excavated in the last four years. The conservation includes the mortar bedding for the marble seats in the eastern half of the ima cavea, as well as the collapsed and damaged parts of the radial and circular walls. The project will run through the months of October and November and it is expected to continue in spring 2014 with reconstruction of the vaults above the central radial corridor, the lateral rooms and the central circular corridor. In 2014, parts of the scene building will be conserved as well.


The reconstruction of the marble seating is planned for the following years as a last stage after the conservation of the other parts of the building.


The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture through the National program for cultural projects in 2013.

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