Conservation seminar in Stobi

September, 25 2013 | Ioannes Stobaeus


On the 24th of September, NI Stobi was the host of the conservation seminar CONSOLIDATION OF STONE AND STONE BUILDINGS, as one of the biggest events that involved conservators from different institutions in the Republic of Macedonia. The lectures were held by prof. Leonardo Borgioli, renowned conservator - chemist from the University of Firence. Prof. Borgioli presented most sophisticated materials in the conservation area such are the nano-mortars. The interactive approach allowed the Macedonian conservators to personally test the materials and discuss about their usage. Besides the conservators, the event was followed by representatives of the Ministry of Culture as well as the Cultural Heritage Protection Office.


As part of the same event, the National Conservation Centre Skopje organised a workshop named PROTECTION OF CULTURAL PROPERTIES, led by Mr. Latif Özen, conservator – chemist from the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara.


The seminar was organised by the Academia Restauro, a specialized company for conservation and restoration, in collaboration with CTS – the biggest manufacturer of conservation and restoration materials in Europe and the National Conservation Centre Skopje. The event was supported by the Cultural Heritage Protection Office and the National Institution Stobi.

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