The participants of the conference on oriental cults visited Stobi

September, 24 2013


On the last day of the program, the participants in the international conference “Romanising oriental cults? Religious transformations in the Balkan provinces during the Roman period” visited the archaeological site Stobi. The new discoveries were presented through a guided tour and the conversation with the NI Stobi archaeologists. The focus of the excursion was the recently excavated Temple of Isis, as one of the main reasons for the conference. The scholars were able to discuss about all of its aspects as well as the significance of the discovery for the further study of the Isis cult in the Roman provinces in the Balkans.


Besides the presentation of the building, NI Stobi organised a small exhibition of the finds from the excavation of the temple, as well as other finds which reflect oriental influences. The sculptures and the pottery finds from the Temple were exhibited together with the finds from the Synagogue and the Western Necropolis.


The conference was held between 19 and 21st of September at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The conference was organised by the Academy and the Universities of Leiden and Toulouse.


            Click here for full view of the conference program.

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