Workshops for conservation of pottery and mosaics

June, 19 2013 | Ioannes Stobaeus


Two conservation workshops will be held at Stobi between 15th and 29th of June as the result of the collaboration between NI Stobi and the Balkan Heritage Foundation. Nineteen participants from different parts of the world will be introduced to the basic aspects of conservation. During the first week of the workshop for documentation and conservation of Roman pottery the participants will learn how to photograph and draw different vessels and sherds as well as conserve and reconstruct modern vessels broken into pieces. The second week includes conservation and restoration of authentic Roman cups and bowls. The process is coordinated by the conservators Nina Turlakova and Biljana Jankulovska but the team also includes Kalina Stoyanova from Balkan Heritage and Jovan Radnjanski from NI Stobi.


The participants in the workshop for documentation and conservation of Roman mosaics will be involved in documentation of a damaged segment of the mosaic in the north corridor of the Theodosian Palace, after what they will take part in the conservation of the mosaic from the nave of the Old Episcopal Basilica. The mosaic which is removed from its original position will be cleaned from the old mortar bedding and affixed on aluminum honey comb panels. The workshop is coordinated by Dragan Vergovski Alpi of the National Conservation Centre and the team includes Angela Pencheva from Balkan Heritage, Dimitar Nikolovski from NI Stobi, Giuliano Laucovski Vergovski and Mishko Tutkovski.


The next joint project of NI Stobi and Balkan Heritage is the Archaeological Field School scheduled for August. 


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