Stobi visited by the Minister of Culture

August, 22 2012 | Ioannes Stobaeus


The Minister of Culture, Elizabeta Kanchevska Milevska, joined by the director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office Pasko Kuzman, visited the archaeological site Stobi. The director of NI Stobi, Silvana Blazhevska, introduced the guests with the finalized projects of this year and the future priorities. During the working visit the Temple of Isis, The House with a Triclinium, the mosaic in the House of Peristeria and the mosaic from the Synagogue were presented as completed conservation projects on one side and the Theatre, the Episcopal Basilica and the Semi Circular Court on the other side, as locations with ongoing excavations where conservation will follow. The Minister highlighted the fact that Stobi is established as a National Institution which allows better approach in the maintenance and presentation of the site as well as continuous realization of various archaeological and conservation projects. According to her, long term program with priorities and financial implications will contribute towards restoring the full glaze of Stobi. In that term she scheduled a meeting with the administration of NI Stobi at the end of this month.    


Kanchevska Milevska also saluted the students of different universities in the world who participate in the international field school organized by NI Stobi and the Balkan Heritage Foundation from Stara Zagora. The students are actively included in the excavation of the Semicircular Court under the guidance and supervision of the NI Stobi archaeologists.

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