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October, 19 2011 | Ioannes Stobaeus


On Wednesday, October 5, World Monuments Fund held a press conference to announce the 2012 World Monuments Watch, which includes 67 sites from 41 countries and territories. Stobi is the only representative from R. of Macedonia among the monuments with universal significance where global attention is needed. This is a great and important opportunity for the National Institution Stobi to initiate international projects in order to face the financial and human resources challenges regarding the conservation of the buildings. The second priority is the improvement of the touristic promotion and introduction of the local population to the cultural, social and economic meaning of the archaeological site.

         The World Monuments Watch was established in 1996 and is the primary advocacy program of World Monuments Fund, which every two years brings global attention to cultural heritage worldwide at risk from influences of nature and social, economic, and political change. World Monuments Fund is very effective in drawing attention to the challenges facing heritage sites and finding solutions to these issues.




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