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Depiction of the God of Love with his beloved Psyche, goddess of the soul. Before she became immortal her beauty invoked the jealousy of the goddess Aphrodite who commanded her son Eros to seduce her. Charmed by her astounding beauty, the god fell in love with Psyche and they began a secret relationship. The single condition was she should never look upon her face. However, her sisters managed to trick her to look upon the face of Eros and he abandoned her. Driven by her sorrow she wandered around the world looking for her lost love. At the end she came at the palace of Aphrodite and became her slave performing the most difficult labour. Her strong love made her resist and reunite with the God.


Psyche was depicted with wings of butterfly and she is symbol of the human soul purified by passion and misfortune and thus prepared for the true and pure happiness.



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