The mosaics in Stobi uncovered for the new touristic season

April, 09 2012 | Ioannes Stobaeus


During the last week the preparations for the new touristic season were finalized with the uncovering of the mosaics in the House of Polycharmos, the Theodosian Palace and the baptistery in the Episcopal Basilica. Besides these mosaics, which are the regular repertoire every season, NI Stobi decided to open the mosaics from the narthex and the south isle of the Episcopal Basilica as well as the mosaics from the Synagogue. These floor decorations were closed for the public in the past 15-20 years. Тhis year they are opened due to documentation of their condition and the study for their conservation. The mosaic from the narthex was discovered during the '20s but unfortunately it was never conserved. It is considered as one of the most beautiful mosaics in Stobi in terms of elaborate details, colours and the small size of the used stones. The Synagogue mosaics were removed from their original position during the 70s and placed next to the former museum and lapidarium. Although they are in a better condition than the mosaic from the narthex, immediate conservation is needed as well.


During the following months, while preventive measures are conducted by the conservation team, all the visitors of Stobi will be able to see these mosaics and have the unique experience which only few people today have. 

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